Maternity Care – English

Maternity Care in the Netherlands

Every new mother in the Netherlands is guaranteed maternity care (“kraamzorg”) under standard Dutch health insurance plans. The goal of my Maternity Care service is to ensure that after my departure, you and your partner are well adjusted to handle life with the newest member of the family.

With a lot of healthcare experience, the way I work is very organized and focused. Having lived in California, USA for 18 years, I am fluent in English and often work with Expats. If you would like me as a maternity nurse, please complete the contact form below.

About Astrid

Hello, my name is Astrid! In a happy marriage, I’ve raised three adult sons and have an extensive medical background.

Once upon a time in the Netherlands, I began work as an anesthesias assistant before life took me and my family to Germany, Belgium, and the United States. I lived and worked in California for over 17 years as an ambulance Paramedic in a busy 911 system.

In 2010, I became a DONA international Doula. In a regional hospital, I volunteered as a Doula to help immigrants with the birth of their children. This was quite a challenge because most of these soon-to-be mothers and I did not share a common language. Thanks to a lot of hand- and footwork, I managed to put these mothers at ease in an unfamiliar medical environment. Because of that, they had a beautiful memory of the birth of their child. I would like to do the same for foreign families in and around Amsterdam who are not familiar with Dutch birth care and, of course, also for future Dutch parents.

Back in the Netherlands

In 2016, I returned to the Netherlands. In addition to my Doula experience, I retrained as a maternity assistant, and as such returned to work in the magical world of birth. Since then, I have been privileged to assist many mothers on the most important day in their lives. To complete the package, I am also certified to perform pregnancy and baby massages. Because of my life as an Expat, I know better than anyone what it feels like to live in another country.

In short, I am convinced that I have a lot to offer you. I am down-to-earth and communicate easily and clearly with prospective medical professionals and new parents! I look forward to speaking and getting to know you!